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ECHO UES, Inc. was founded in 2017 based on the dream of the founding partners to create a highly specialized Utility Engineering and Survey firm, where the quality of work is never compromised, technical excellence is second to none, and where the working environment is stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding.

Together with our associates, partners and clients we strive to Grow, Inspire and Make a Difference within the communities in which we live and work.   


Provide high-quality and reliable utility and survey data to Design better, Build faster, and Safely enhance Engineering, Design, Construction and Maintenance of infrastructure.


Position ECHO as the leader in the utility engineering and survey and mapping arena within the Florida market by providing our clients with custom solutions to any project within the infrastructure and transportation industries.

Provide a place of work where valuable employees are rewarded, hard work is fun and balanced, and success is celebrated and shared amongst our team and communities.

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