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ECHO provides a variety of professional survey and mapping services, including, but not limited to, design, topographic, drainage, utility, boundary, R/W (mapping, alignment retracement, maintenance maps), ALTA, bathymetric, and various specific purpose surveys to support any type of project.

Reliable field data provided via survey services is the foundation of every successful project and is usually a critical path item in the project delivery. ECHO's team of professionals is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology and can complete any specific survey task including, but not limited to:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Primary and Secondary Control Surveys

  • Historic Alignment Retracements

  • GLO Section Line Retracements

  • 3D Topographic Surveys including Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

  • 2D Planimetric Surveys

  • Drainage Surveys 

  • Bridge Surveys

  • Underground/Subsurface Utility Surveys


ECHO owns and operates a large array of the latest available technologies, including static and mobile LiDAR, aerial drones, GPS receivers, total stations, digital levels, and imaging laser scanners.

With thousands of projects performed throughout Florida, the drive in understanding the Client’s needs, and the focus on providing timely survey information, ECHO is the choice for many project Owners, Engineers, and Contractors on a variety of projects.

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