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Unforeseen conflicts and impacts with utilities during construction have the potential to affect the cost, schedule, and safety of any construction project. The Utility Coordinator must consider the potential for encountering utilities within the right-of-way or project limits, including associated off-site improvements. ECHO’s Utility Coordination services provide valuable support during design and construction, ensuring utilities are identified and dealt with at the most appropriate time during the project delivery.

ECHO’s dedicated Utility Coordination team is focused on determining a solution to all utility issues for each and every stakeholder involved with the project. Our Utility Coordination services during the design phase of a project include utility conflict determination, utility conflict matrix development support, scheduling and chairing utility meetings, utility agreement preparation, utility work schedule development support, utility relocation management, and utility reimbursement preparation.

ECHO is also fully familiar with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the study process required, and the appropriate utility documentation (i.e., PD&E Request Report and Utility Assessment Package) necessary to assist our clients in obtaining Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) project funding approval whenever applicable.

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